Squads and Stripes

JOIN MY SQUAD. When I first saw this shirt it spoke to me. I’m pretty sure it spoke to me in ways that were not intended for this eight dollar t shirt. Besides the fact that graphic tees have been a staple in my wardrobe since my teenage days, I’m very big on having solid, supportive relationships–a strong “squad”, if you will.  Social media has definitely put squads on the forefront. The pursuit of the perfect squad has become very important to all of us, and whether it’s meant for real or for show is subject to further investigation. People are either repping their squad or setting their #squadgoals, emulating celebrities and peers for the sake of having others consume it as content. While we all can identify as part of many different squads, this shirt made me think of my main squad. You know what I mean–the inner circle–we all have one. 

Switching gears for just a second, I recently had a conversation with an old friend who I had more or less been estranged from for some time. As we worked towards finding common ground, somehow quantity-in terms of friends- became a topic of discussion. It got me to thinking about the way I view friendship and what I get out of the relationships that I hold most important. All I kept thinking was “how many” hasn’t ever been a factor for me. Quality over quantity is what matters most. I know some people are looking to be liked by every person they meet and hoping to be at the top of everyone’s invite list and that’s cool but that’s just not me. I love people. I love getting to know new and interesting people. I love being able to share my story and listen to theirs. All things considered, I’m still never concerned with building up a long roster because the inner circle remains solid and for that I consider my squad game strong. That handful of people who add substance to my life and support me through wins and losses while I do the same for them, that’s the true squad.

New friends are always welcome but a true friendship takes time, it needs to be nurtured and cultivated and you just can’t do that with everyone you meet. Many people are in your life just for a few minutes, a few weeks, maybe a few months and some will be there for far longer. All may impact you in some way and for this you should always remain grateful. I say all this to say that JOIN MY SQUAD for me means that everyone is welcome in my space in whatever way it takes form. If we’re meant for a mere moment, that will certainly reveal itself in time. If we’re meant for a lifetime, I’m excited to take the journey with you. Until next time…Dashing D.

Outfit details:

Shirt~sold out (same text)/ Skirt~J. Crew ON SALE!/ Shoes~old (also nice)/Cuff~old (similar)/ Earrings~H&M/Sunnies~old (similar)



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