You ever get that feeling in your gut that something is brewing? It’s hard to pinpoint what it is but when it hits you recognize it right away? It’s not necessarily an indication of bad things to come, maybe something amazing is about to happen. I’m in that space right now. I’ve convinced myself that this feeling must mean something wonderful is headed my way.

Maybe my birthday glow is just running through me a little early this year. Did I mention my 30th birthday is a month away? I’m so pumped for June I can’t even explain it! These May babies better move out the way quickly because I see Gemini season in the distance and I’m ready! Some people fear getting older but I’ve always been excited about it. I enjoyed my 20s but I truly can’t wait to see what my 30s are like. But I digress. Back to these good vibes I feel coming my way. Like I said, I don’t know what’s coming but I know it’s going to be good because I’m speaking it into existence. The more you work towards what you want the more you get this undeniable feeling.

Don’t get me wrong though, it isn’t always rosy. There will always be outside noise that comes in to defy your balance, whether it’s a situation or a person. That noise is just there to test you. I’m tested often, we all are. Sometimes when I’m in the moment I do react, as humans do, but when the day ends I reset and get back to what’s important. This is how I keep it together even on the inevitable bad days. In my quiet moments I often reflect on what and who’s important to me. It’s always necessary to take a moment to remember what keeps you grounded. For me, the company I keep around me is key. 

Whenever you’re feeling like it’s difficult to be optimistic about what’s to come, just think about what’s important and remind yourself to get back to that unruffled space. The only ruffles you need are the good kind, like the ruffles on this adorable Boohoo dress. Feel free to quote me on that! See what I did there?
Dashing D

Outfit details:

Dress Asos/ Shoes old (similar)/ Pouch old (similar)/ Bracelet gift (similar)/ Earrings F21/ Sunglasses Loft



  1. I enjoy reading you post. It makes think about life and situations in away of feeling more carefree. Yes I love my twenties but wasn’t looking forward to my thirties. I think I was always afraid of getting old. I find myself embracing it, hoping to be able to see another year with family and friends. Keep up the good work. You should have a column in a magazine. Can’t wait for the next one!

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