Greetings from Barcelona!

Hey there lovelies! I really wish I could brave the upcoming snow storm with you guys in NYC but I am just having too much fun in Barcelona, Spain! Truth be told I was supposed to return tomorrow but the airline urged us to change our travel plans because it’s highly unlikely that we would make it out tomorrow anyway. I’m not complaining though, the flight change cost nothing and the extra day at our airbnb was next to nothing. All the more reason for me to continue taking in the beautiful architecture, eat more delicious food and drink copious amounts of white wine. 

So far I’ve visited Montserrat Mountain which is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The mountaintop is so high that you can only get up there by cable car. I also went to Sagrada Familia and Park Guell- both masterpieces by Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi was truly an artist and it shows all throughout Barcelona.

Another highlight of my trip is the food. Everything tastes so good! From the pastries to dinner, all of it has been delicious. The fact that they serve weekday brunch is the cherry on top. And of course everything pairs well with wine!!! Sip sip!

I promise to share more with you guys when I return, maybe before. Until then, stay safe if you’re in the storm area! See you guys back in the States soon 🙂

Dashing D



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