Happy Valentine’s Day! However you spend it I hope your day is filled with warm fuzzies. So many things come to mind when I think about the word love. The love and support of my family is unwavering and I am eternally grateful to them for always being there. My love for them runs deep in a way that can’t ever be broken. I also think of my close friends, my inner circle. The people who not only know my heart but also know my crazy and love me all the same.

My thoughts on being in love are a little more complicated. It’s such an amazing feeling when you find that person who you can love almost without condition. That person whose flaws seem far less in comparison to the good they add to your life. The person you think you don’t have time for but you make time because they matter enough. For many of us we spend a good part of our lives looking for it. I have to be honest though, I’m not there right now. As much as I am open to whomever will come my way, sweep me off my feet and melt my heart away (cliche after cliche after cliche :)), I’m happy and comfortable in the space I’m currently in and I’m just having a good time living my life. When people ask me what I’m doing-as I steadily creep up outside of 30’s door-I often like to say I’m being young and fun. I’m having a lot of  fun with all the dating adventures and misadventures for now. Can I just tell you that there are some really peculiar men out there? Like the guy who was into adult anime and the one who lied online about being bald (and not the good kind of bald). I’m convinced he thought he would wear a hat throughout the duration of the relationship that never was. Ultimately, his narcissism was the deal breaker, not the odd shape of his head. Oh and then there was the one who got a whole can of ginger ale chugged in his face…trust me, he deserved it.

If nothing else I’ve learned so much about myself through these experiences. I know who I am and what I want and I’m happy to find it when the time is right. So to all the older folks who are all too concerned with my marital status, or lack thereof, stop worrying! Him and I will find each other when it’s time. Until then, I’m having fun, keeping my heart open and kissing a few frogs along the way. Frogs aren’t so bad, right?

Best part of being single on Valentine’s Day? No extra guesswork on what outfit to wear. Instead, I’m wearing this cozy hoodie dress. It’s lined with some fleece like material so it’s super warm! I would even say it’s like wearing a Snuggie but much cuter. And guys, I know it’s cold out but these boots always make me want to show some leg so damnit I’m showing leg! Oh the things we do for fashion.

What are some of your reflections on love? Tell me about it!

Dashing D

Outfit Details:

Dress H&M/ Jacket Michael Kors (similar)/ Booties Kendall and Kylie/ Pouch (old)/ Rings (old)


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