Winter Blues

This weather is so damn unpredictable! One minute it’s winter, the next it’s spring, not to mention the frequent rain showers we’ve been getting. Lately I’ve just been winging it with my outfits based on whatever the weather report says when I wake up.


It has been quite nice being able to mix in some warmer weather pieces with cold weather items in my closet. After seeing the always fabulous Ashley Graham in a crop top/trouser pant look on America’s Next Top Model I decided to put a winter spin on it for a day out. Before I continue, let me just tell you that I am truly obsessed with Ashley Graham. Not only does she have great style and a beautiful curvy body but I love her for everything she stands for and represents. Her confidence alone is so inspiring.

Normally I wouldn’t have been brave enough to wear a crop top, especially at home. You might catch me in one on vacation but never on a regular weekend. Let’s be real, I’m no skinny Minnie, so it takes some courage to bare my midsection.

Feeling empowered by Ms. Graham’s confidence I said why the hell not. I shopped my closet for a similar pant and top combo and pulled out this blue overcoat to add my own touch. A statement coat is a great accessory to an all black look. By the way, I found this coat a couple years ago at Old Navy. You can always find some great gems in there if you really look. Since a great shield for my hair is necessary on rainy days, I added a fedora I found recently at Guess to complete the look.

Outfit Details

Top H&M/ Pants (old) similar/ Shoes (old) similar/ Coat similar / Bag (gift) similar/ Earrings Carolee/ Hat Guess

Who inspires you to take risks? Leave me a note!
Dashing D



  1. I love the whole outfit! Quite honestly, I get inspired by you, Dashing Dionne! Certain things I don’t think to put together until I see you do it. Especially in the accessories department.

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