Give thanks for shoes!

Happy Holidays! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving filled with lots of love and lots of food! Thanksgiving is not only a time to be with the people we love and but it is also a good time to reflect on what makes us grateful. I’m always most thankful for my family and close friends and my faith (my lifelines, really), as they are the source of my strength that keeps me going at all times. 

I have to be honest though, I am also very thankful for the awesome shopping deals and steals that pop up as we head into the season of giving. I’ve already started checking some people off my list, including myself. One of the things I buy the most of around this time of year are new shoes. I always find some real bargains on just about any kind of shoe you can think of. This year, I’ve especially been crushing on boots…everybody’s favorite Fall wardrobe staple. Find some of my holiday sale picks, including some of my own scores, below. 

Floral Booties

Glittery Flats

Black Suede Booties

Gold Heeled Lace Up Booties

Lace Up Flats

Metallic Loafers
Did I miss anything? Leave me a note in the comment section!


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