True Confessions: My Pouch Addiction (and Bow and Drape!)


I think it’s fair to say that every fashionista is a collector of sorts. Usually housing an assortment of interesting frocks, beautiful baubles and fabulous shoes in her closet. Then there are those things that we just can’t get enough of. For me it’s the all purpose pouch. I generally try to keep my closet under control by avoiding repeating purchases of items that look practically the same but when it comes to pouches (and stripes) I literally have to tell myself to stop. There’s something kind of amazing about an accessory that you can do just about anything with. I’m talking makeup bag, clutch, travel case…you can do anything with it.


A lot of my pouches actually live in my big tote bags. It’s a great way to keep myself organized since I’m always on the go. On a normal workday I probably have one for shoes (yes, I do have a designated shoe bag), one with makeup and another with non makeup everyday essentials. This helps me prevent that annoying archaeological dig that happens when you have a pile of girl stuff sitting at the bottom of your bag. I did that for years and it always results in turning the bag upside down so you see everything clearly. What a nightmare! No one likes that clean up.

The latest addition to my pouch collection is this custom cutie from Bow and Drape. I accidentally stumbled upon their pop up while walking around the sensory overload inducing 1st floor of Lord & Taylor. They have so many cool things on that floor; sometimes I feel like I don’t even need to go upstairs. Anyway, you can customize a t shirt, sweatshirt or pouch with any saying you want. They even have fun emojis you can use. I went with Dashing D of course! I only wish there was an @. That was the only thing that was missing. And for people who are indecisive about what to get, they have a whole book with quotes to choose from.

I can’t wait to use my new pouch. This one will definitely be on repeat this summer. What’s that one thing you can’t stop buying? Tell me about it 🙂

Until later…Dashing D


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