Life changing decision, new handbag silhouette


Anyone who knows me will tell you that my handbag criteria is simple: large, deep, sleek and effortless. I love a good carryall. I need to put my entire house and then some in my everyday bag. In fact, I feel lost if my bag doesn’t have enough room for extras. Naturally, my favorite type of bag is a tote. You can buy them as big as you want them and fit everything you need in them. I even drop groceries in sometimes if I overdo it at the store.

I recently discarded my favorite work bag after a random incident that involved a brand new bottle of Mucinex (thank goodness my cold is gone!) and not nearly enough paper towel in the world. I was devastated because my handbag arsenal is small and each bag is vastly different from the next. My black tote was the only bag I considered work appropriate.  Since I am now on the belabored  quest for the perfect black work tote with few embellishments, the perfect dimensions and the right texture of leather (I’m very particular) I’ve decided to try a new bag silhouette in the interim because this decision will not be made lightly!


Here enters the kate spade grey street cooper. It’s a drawstring bucket bag made of a beautiful pebbled leather. In a word, it’s AMAZING!!! I love it so much I can’t even explain just how much. The bag is a little small for my taste but it has all the minimalist qualities i look for in a bag and its a lot deeper than it looks. My favorite part is that i can wear it as a shoulder bag and a messenger. I usually switch to a smaller messenger for weekend errands but the grey street cooper will have me covered all week long.

If you like my bag take a look at some other awesome bucket bags below.

Bucket Bags





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