Long Hair, Don’t Care

Can we talk about these braids for a minute? This is the most carefree hairstyle I’ve had in a while. It makes getting ready in the morning so easy and keeps me effortlessly cute. We all know that maintaining healthy and fresh looking hair is sometimes a struggle. When my hair is out and relaxed, I go through so many different styles just to try to figure out what will keep my hair neat the longest. My hair hates everything about the environment and it refuses to keep a curl. And have you guys ever noticed that whenever you get your hair done, it either rains that day or the next? No matter what I do the elements never want me to be great! Rain, snow, sun, humidity, you name it and my hair gets upset IMMEDIATELY! What I’ve learned is that you just have to keep on trying out styles and products until you find something that works. It also helps that I have an amazing hair stylist, Joel Edwin, who puts up with my moods and constant indecision. (Be sure to check him out at O’ Salon, 212 Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn). He also understands when my hair needs a break from the creamy crack or simply from this humid summer air.

I always want to try fun styles in the summer but I know that unless I add extensions it just won’t last so I like to take this time to make that trek to Harlem so the girls at Aminata Hair Braiding (360 W 125th St) can get me ready for the hot, hazy and humid summers in NY. I opted for box braids because they are super versatile and they last long if you take care of them well. It’s also great workout hair! Lately, I’ve been loving just leaving them down and sweeping them to one side. Something about this look makes me feel like a goddess no matter what I’m wearing. I’m also a fan of the topknot whenever I can get mine to cooperate. I take full advantage of the fact that my hair can be pulled up because this doesn’t happen often. I have to be honest though, I’m getting restless-as I often do with my hair- now I’m thinking I should switch it up. A weave maybe? Although, I’m feeling like that’s too much of a commitment for me. A different braid style? Back to my pixie? Any thoughts? Talk to me!

Outfit details

Dress Amazon (similar)/ Shoes thrifted (similar)/ Sunglasses sold out (similar)/Watch Nixon/Earrings J. Crew/ Rings and Choker H&M/Cuff old (similar)

**Photos taken by Shawn Smith

Bonjour Baby!

Happy Summer! I hope your summer is off to an amazing start. I kicked off the summer with my birthday trip to Mexico. I had a blast! Everyone who came out to celebrate with me made it so special. Hopefully you guys caught up with me on social media because I decided to limit my phone use so I could stay immersed in the moment. I love to get caught up in the moment and enjoy an experience for all it has to offer. You really can’t do that if your phone is in your hand the whole time. To that end, I didn’t blog my trip at all.

Anyway, you’ll see a lot more of me as the weeks go by. My plan is to be out every weekend until summer ends. I really don’t want to miss any opportunity to enjoy myself while it’s so beautiful outside.

I started my July 4th weekend traipsing around lower Manhattan. You can always find fun restaurants, an abundance of art and culture and an overall cool vibe when you go downtown. Speaking of fun restaurants, I finally checked out Vandal for brunch. I’d been wanting to try this place for the longest. So glad I went! We tried a bunch of menu items but for me the wild mushroom pizza and the greek salad were the best! The set up is pretty cool too. After entering through a flower shop, you’re greeted by a huge purple bunny. His name is Henry, we got acquainted. I pet him even though you’re not supposed to 🙂 

They also have interesting street art allover the restaurant. If you know me, you know I love any kind of street art. When I’m out that’s usually what I’m looking for: graffiti walls, murals, cool installations…you name it, I’m into it. That’s just what I did after filling up my belly at Vandal…along with the obligatory pit stop in SoHo for shopping. Summer sale season is in full effect! If you guys have not checked out the Zara sale yet you need to go. My Bonjour Baby dress was a cool $12.99 and I got so much more stuff that I will be featuring soon. Stay tuned!

How are you guys spending the summer so far? What’s on the agenda? Talk to me!
Dashing D
Outfit details

Dress Zara (sold out online, check stores)/ Heels (old)/ Slip ons H&M/ Earrings (old)/ Bag Tumi

The (Belated) Birthday Post + 30 Things About Yours Truly

You’ll have to forgive me for posting this days after my actual birthday but I have had a whole lot going on in the last few weeks. Remember when I said I could feel that something good was about to happen? Well, good things are definitely happening! In the midst of preparing for my annual beachy birthday trip and working on some exciting updates to Dashing Dionne, I’m transitioning into a new job at a different company. I’m so excited about doing something new and grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow professionally. This also means I will have some more time to devote to this blog that I love so much. Anyway, I had a fabulous birthday spent with close friends and family. The official turn up will be next week when I get to Mexico. Woop woop!!! Catch me on Ig and Snapchat for the play by play! In honor of me turning #thebigthreeoh I thought it would be fun to share a few…or 30…things you may or may not know about me. Enjoy!

1. I wake up at 5:30 every morning but I’m grumpy until 10…eh, 11am. 

2. On that note, I do not use an alarm to wake up…just God and my internal clock.

3. I once was chased by a cow. It’s ridiculous but true.

4. I’ve been fired from a job on my first day. Yup, right after my lunch break.

5. My favorite movie of all time is…drumroll…Dirty Dancing. I’m such a sucker for sappy flicks.

6. I love music but I am particularly obsessed with R&B…I still listen to Diary of a Mad Band (google it!) like it just got released.

7. If you want to see something really disgusting come out of me, serve me vodka…think explosions of the projectile proportion.

8. I love mustard, but it has to be plain yellow.

9. While we’re talking condiments, Heinz ketchup is life. Shoutout to my peeps in Pittsburgh!

10. If you look close enough my left eye is smaller than my right eye.

11. If butter touches me, I die.

12. Ever see me on a New York City train standing up closing my eyes tight? I get extremely claustrophobic. I’m just trying not to have a panic attack.

13. If left on a deserted island with the option to only eat one thing I’d pick Haribo gummy bears. I know I’m the worst!

14. When someone disrespects my personal space on the train I blast the most ratchet song I could find to annoy them. #pettylabelle

15. Three things I’m oddly obsessed with: Owls, pineapples and stripes.

16. My wedding [if and when] must happen when peonies are in season. Mark your calendars!

17. My love for shopping and getting dressed is not without consequence: I get extreme buyers remorse if I don’t pop those tags quick enough.

18. I can successfully play “Do Wah Diddy” on the viola. Bet you didn’t know I was a musician.

19. I eat Mexican food and go to Mexico entirely too much…sorry not sorry! Playa del Carmen next week!!!

20. I’m a ballet/tap dance dropout. Currently considering an adult class. 

21. I hate wearing jeans!!! It takes a lot for me to wear them.

22. My dream travel destination is India. I want to see the Taj Mahal in person before I leave this earth.

23. My high school prom dress was repurposed into a top and a few throw pillows designed by yours truly 🙂

24. People often refer to my very first apartment as a bomb shelter. Can’t say that I disagree. There were no windows and the internet barely worked but it was mine so…

25. I have an aversion to creamy sauces. You can keep your mayo, your ranch and just about everything else in that family of foolishness…yuck!

26. Even though I’m a beach bum I don’t know how to swim. Something about having my head under water doesn’t allow my brain and my body to connect. Maybe something to work on in my 30s?

27. Starstruck moment: I met Ronnie Devoe a few months ago. He complimented my shoes and I almost passed out. He is too smooth! (Insert swoon bitmoji here)

28. Loyalty is extremely important to me. I’ll just leave that right there.

29. When it comes to giving gifts–around Christmas especially–I get carried away trying to find the perfect gift. I live for the moment when someone opens a gift and notices how much thought you put into it. Makes my heart smile.

30. My heart is pure, my intentions are usually good. I’m honest, sometimes more than I’m expected to be. I’m strong willed yet sensitive. I’m loyal. I care about people. When I love, I love hard. I’m flawed but my mistakes make me better. Most importantly, I’m unapologetically me.

With love,

Dashing D

Outfit details:

Dress Asos/ Slides Style Union/ Earrings J. Crew/ Rings H&M